The Last Man on Earth Review

The new series, The Last Man on Earth, only arrived on television as of March 1st, 2015 through Fox. The show is an American-based comedy that is set in post-apocalyptic times. The pilot episode was written by the stair of the series, Will Forte. It was directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. It was renewed for a second season on April 8th of this year and that season will premiere on September 27th of 2015. Initially the entire idea was Phil Lord and Christopher Miller’s, but they just envisioned it as a feature film. You can stream all the episodes of this program with a reliable high-speed internet service provider.

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After taking the concept to Will Forte, who was once a cast member in Saturday Night Live, the idea began to take on a different shape. Will Forte liked what Phil Lord and Christopher Miller had in mind and he also found inspiration from another series called Life After The People. After throwing the idea around Hollywood and primarily pitching it to Internet and cable services it was eventually picked up by Fox. Things went over really smooth between Will Forte, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller in their decisions about The Last Man on Earth with Fox.

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Filming the series had its share of obstacles. One of these problems arose from traffic and car sounds finding their way into the show, and obviously this was something to be avoided since the series is set in a time after the apocalypse. Fox really took a liking to the series, praising its universal theme and heart. The story centers around a flawed man who is not living the best he can, but after the world comes to a screeching halt he finds that he is able to turn himself around—it just took an apocalypse to get the job done. Another interesting fact about the series is the name of the main character, Phil Miller, which is obviously a combination of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

The Last Man on Earth is set in the near future in the year 2020. A deadly virus ends up knocking out most of the living beings on the planet and a lonely man named Phil Miller searches far and wide in his RV trying to find company—preferably a woman companion. He finally gives up his search and goes back to Tuscon, Arizona, which also happens to be his home town. He is convinced that there is no one else living on earth and decides to end his life, but before he can do this he does meet a survivor, and a woman at that. Carol Pilbasian comes into the picture, but she is not at all what Phil had hoped for. She is, unfortunately, shrill, nagging, and somewhat insane, but she pressures Phil into getting married so that they can begin repopulating the planet. Not long after marrying Carol they discover another woman, Melissa—and she is much more pleasant and beautiful than Carol. Phil yearns after Melissa and soon the three discover a man named Todd. Todd and Melissa begin to get romantically involved, causing great feelings of jealousy in Phil. As the series moves on more events take place and more survivors begin appearing due to Phil’s clever signs that say “Alive in Tuscon.”


The main cast of The Last Man on Earth is Will Forte as Philip “Phil” Miller, and later called Tandy (his middle name), Kristen Schaal as Carol Andrew Pilbasian, January Jones as Melissa Shart, Mel Rodriguez as Todd, and Cleopatra Coleman as Erica. The recurring cast includes Mary Steenburgen as Gail, a former chef and traveling companion to Erica, Boris Kodjoe as another Phil Miller and member of the special forces, and Jason Sudeikis as Mike Miller, the last man in space and brother to Phil Tandy Miller.

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Overall many people like the new TV series, The Last Man on Earth, at least so far. The idea for the series itself is fairly fresh. Although there have been stories about apocalypse and the last surviving human before, it is very rarely designed as a comedy. Many people passionately praise the series for its creativity and ability to step outside of the norm which most sitcoms have fallen prey to. Many compare it to other comedies which have achieved the same goal and gone down in history, like Seinfield, The Office, and The Simpsons.

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Many viewers love the character Phil Miller and enjoy him even more for the fact that he is portrayed by the great actor Will Forte. He is full of hope, loneliness in a very human and rateable way, and optimism. Of course, most people also consider the plotline and the acting to be wildly funny too. Although general response has been quite favorable, there are, of course, those who do not like The Last Man on Earth for one reason or another.

One review states that there are problems relating to gender issues as well as character development. While some people love Phil Miller, others do not like him in that he often feels sorry for himself and behaves rather predictably. The way the two women, Melissa and Carol are portrayed, has a few people a little upset as Carol is, according to some, a stereotypical nagging wife and every guy’s worst nightmare, whereas Melissa is the gorgeous blond that every guy wants. Carol is depicted in a rather unflattering light that is often seen as a particular “gender pattern” in certain TV shows and movies.


Of course, one big and important thing to keep in mind about the series is the fact that it has only one season thus far. While many great TV shows began with awful first seasons, others had fantastic, greatly loved first seasons but inevitably withered over the course of the series. A lot is yet to be seen as to The Last Man on Earth, and while some loved the first season more and more with each passing episode others claimed that it became less original as the season went on. All in all, the concept of the series’ humor and originality has been debated.